Department Seminars

2014 Spring Semester Seminar Schedule

Tues Mar-4 Brenda Wilson, PhD, Univeristy of Illinois "Post-exposure antitoxin therapeutics: Engineering BoNT-based inhibitor delivery platforms against botulism" MN 463 4:00pm
 Wed Mar-12 Terrence Barret, MD, University of Kentucky  "Cytokine regulation of stem cell activation in Colitis"  HG 611  4:00pm
 Tues Mar-18  -  Spring Break  -  -
 Mon Mar-31 Michael I. Nishimura, PhD, Loyola University  "Antigen Recognition by T Cell Receptor Transduced T Cells"  MN 563  Noon
Tues Apr-1 Katerina Wolf, PhD, University of Kentucky  "Modulation of innate immune response by Chlamydia pneumonia"  MN 463  4:00pm
Tues Apr-8 Heather Evans*  (formerly O'Daniel)  “The life cycle stages of Pneumocystis murina drive a differential immune response”  MN 463  4:00pm
Tues Apr-22 Kumar V. Udhayakumar, PhD, Centers for Disease Control & Prevention (CDC)  "Emergence of Resistance to Anti-malarials as a Major Global Public Health Threat: Molecular Insights"  MN 563  Noon
Tues Apr-29 Peixuan Guo, PhD, University of Kentucky Nano Tech Center    MN 363  Noon
 Tues Apr-29 Karine Oben*    MN 463  4:00pm
Tues May-6 Katie McKenna*     4:00pm

* denotes Graduate Student Speaker

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