Department Seminars

2018 Seminar Schedule

Speaker Institute Title Host/Sponsor
7/31/2018 Avery Posey, PhD University of Pennsylvania Seminar: Avery Posey, University of Pennsylvania - Strategies to Improve CAR-T Cell Treatments for Solid Tumors MIMG & Cancer Center
8/28/2018 Mark Wurth, MD, PhD University of Kentucky, Pediatrics-Pulmonology Seminar: Mark Wurth, University of Kentucky, Pediatrics-Pulmonology - Lessons from the IgE Response to Aspergillus in Allergic Bronchopulmonary Mycosis Beth Garvy, PhD
9/4/2018 Daryl Richie, PhD Novartis Institutes for BioMedical Research Seminar: Daryl Richie, Novartis Institutes for BioMedical Research - Acinetobacter baumannii ATCC 19606-A tool to investigate lipid A biosynthesis Beth Garvy, PhD and Kevin Pearson, PhD
9/6/2018 James (Zach) Porterfield, MD, PhD Yale School of Medicine Visiting Professor Seminar: James (Zach) Porterfield, Yale School of Medicine - The role of translational research and international partnerships in research capacity building Beth Garvy, PhD and Alice Thornton, MD
9/25/2018 Gerhard Hildebrandt, MD University of Kentucky, Internal Medicine-Hematology Seminar: Gerhard Hildebrandt, University of Kentucky, Internal Medicine-Hematology - a4b7 blockade in acute GVHD
10/2/2018 * Ethan Strattan University of Kentucky, Hidebrandt Lab Student Seminar: Ethan Strattan, Hildebrandt Lab - Skin in the game: mast cells in the development of chronic graft-versus-host disease
10/9/2018 Emily Bradford, PhD University of Kentucky, Division of Gastroenterology Seminar: Emily Bradford, UK Division of Gastroenterology - Inflammation in IBD: Friend and Foe Beth Garvy, PhD
10/16/2018 Lisa Rucks, PhD University of Nebraska Medical Center, Department of Pathology and Microbiology Seminar: Lisa Rucks, University of Nebraska Medical Center, Pathology and Microbiology - Use of proximity labeling to examine chlamydial-host interactions at the chlamydial inclusion membrane Ken Fields, PhD and Brian Stevenson, PhD
10/23/2018 Kevin Harrod, PhD The University of Alabama at Birmingham Seminar: Kevin Harrod, The University of Alabama at Birmingham - Molecular insights leading to novel interventions in influenza associated disease Beth Garvy, PhD
10/25/2018 Click here to register 2018 Infectious Diseases Research Day with keynote speakers Dr. Marvin Whiteley and Dr. Nathan Wiederhold and special guest speaker Dr. Eric Battaglioli
11/13/2018 Olivia Steele-Mortimer, PhD National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases, Rocky Mountain Laboratories Seminar: Olivia Steele-Mortimer, National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases - Intracellular Salmonella – a tale of two populations Ken Fields, PhD
11/27/2018 Anthony Garza, PhD Syracuse University Seminar: Anthony Garza, Syracuse University - The Formation and Inhibition of Bacterial Biofilms Martha Peterson, PhD
12/4/2018 Leena Bharath, PhD Merrimack College Seminar: Leena Bharath, Merrimack College - Metformin treatment for aging induced immune cell decline Barbara Nikolajczyk, PhD
12/11/2018 Thomas Kehl-Fie, PhD University of Illinois Seminar: Thomas Kehl-Fie, University of Illinois - You are what you don't eat: Bacterial adaption to nutritional immunity Brian Stevenson, PhD
1/8/2019 Joseph Mester, PhD Northern Kentucky University Seminar: Joseph Mester, Northern Kentucky University - Genetic Vaccines for Hepatitis C Virus Beth Garvy, PhD
1/15/2019 Marlene Starr, PhD University of Kentucky, Department of Surgery Seminar: Dr. Marlene Starr, UK Department of Surgery Don Cohen, PhD
2/12/2019 * Kathryn Lethbridge University of Kentucky, Stevenson Lab Student Seminar: Kathryn Lethbridge, Stevenson Lab
3/19/2019 Mark Wooten, PhD University of Toledo Seminar: Mark Wooten, University of Toledo Brian Stevenson, PhD
3/26/2019 Joe Qualls, PhD University of Cincinnati Seminar: Dr. Joe Qualls, University of Cincinnati Don Cohen, PhD
4/2/2019 * Gabby Keb University of Kentucky, Fields Lab Student Seminar: Gabby Keb, Fields Lab
4/9/2019 * Beth Oates University of Kentucky, Erin Garcia Lab Student Seminar: Beth Oates, Erin Garcia Lab
4/16/2019 * Hoda Esfahani University of Kentucky, Van Lanen Lab Student Seminar: Hoda Esfahani, Van Lanen Lab
4/23/2019 Gen-Sheng Feng, PhD University of California San Diego Seminar: Gen-Sheng Feng, UC San Diego Jieyun Jiang, PhD
4/30/2019 Jennifer Bomberger, PhD University of Pittsburgh Seminar: Jennifer Bomberger Erin Garcia, PhD

* denotes Graduate Student Speaker